Frequently Asked Questions


Where is Shippa based?

We are based in San Francisco, California.

How long does Shippa typically spend on fulfilling a request?

On average, Shippa typically spends 7 days for end to end international fulfillment.

We define fulfillment as chatting with us, confirming your order, sourcing your products, and delivery to you.

Is Shippa available in my city?

Shippa is currently available for customers who resides in Hong Kong, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Hong Kong customers have access to 30+ international cities for their shopping needs. Message us to get access to our rotating list of cities.


What kinds of products can I order through Shippa?

Anything you want. As long as you can check it in onto a flight.

Here are some products that our customers have purchased:

  • Fendi bags from Rome.
  • Duckhorn wines from Napa Valley.
  • Wild salmon jerkies from Vancouver.
  • Japanese coffee shochu from Hong Kong.
  • Italian sunglasses from San Francisco.
  • Baby dresses from Los Angeles.
  • I am low on shampoo and conditioner. Can you order it for me? No rush.
  • I’m out of the office today. Check my email and let me know if there’s anything urgent.

Think of Shippa as your personal shopping assistant. Your shopping assistant is willing to work on just about anything. Just ask!

What happens if Shippa can't source the products I want?

Unfortunately, certain products are completely sold out or too costly to get. The next best alternative will be recommended to you at that point.

How do I return an item I purchased through Shippa?

We will provide a refund if the product is incorrect or damaged upon delivery.

We highly recommend that you(customer) inspect all order(s) upon receiving the item(s) from the shipper.

If this is to occur, please take photos for records and do not accept the order from the shipper. Immediately contact us to resolve this issue.

Making a Purchase

How do I pay for my order through Shippa?

Shippa partners with Stripe to invoice you for the products.

What are the fees associated with using Shippa?

Shippa charges a 15-40% all inclusive fee on the value of the product.

Fees include local taxes, sourcing, pickup, and delivery fees.

Shippa will always confirm the total cost of goods and estimated delivery time before confirming your request.

Last Mile

What happens after I pay for my order?

A shipper is assigned to you. The shipper will coordinate with you a few days before their arrival to your city.

Both the shipper and you will coordinate a convenient time and location to dropoff your order.